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Off to the Farworld's Roads...

They say I'm going to Pakistan. I'll believe it when I step off the plane in Karachi. US State department "tour" of one city. For a "National Day" show - it's like their 4th of July. Four shows, some workshops and master classes. I'll be taking the Trio - a new trio. Cam King on electric guitar and wise cracks, Maria Kowalski on fiddle/violin and yours truly on guitar, harmonica and my ever faithful Porchboard Bass. It's been quite a bit of bureaucratic work. The new rules, "have to be a government vendor. You need a Dun & Bradstreet number and join SAM (System Award Management.) Cam and I have our visas but Maria's has been held up in Washington for some reason. But any day now...

It's a long way away and with the world in an uproar, some people say that I must be crazy, "but my real name is just Jesse James." I've been to Pakistan three times before, all before 911. I was treated great by everyone those times before. "m there to play country music, " I said. "What country? That's the question."

After the Pac shows, and the rest of the group goes back home, I'll head for India to visit for awhile. I've always been drawn to India and this time is no different. The State Department says they can use me there too. I haven't got anything nailed down yet, but I'm hoping to hear something any day. I'll try to update you on the trail. I leave February 11. I'll let you know...

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