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New CD Funding Effort Launched Today - July 14.

Tonight I am launching a fundraiser for my new CD on Howlin' Dog Records. I have never done this before, so bear with me, but in short, I need your help and support. We are about midway thru the project. I have been up in Alamos, CO recording with Don Richmond who is producing. These are all new songs including some never released songs from great friends of mine like David Halley, Walter Hyatt and a new song I wrote with Michael Murphey. I can't wait for you to hear it!

Howling' Dog just released Shake Russell's & Michael Hearn's new CDs, so I am GREAT hands!

You may remember that my last CD, Gypsy Alibi, won "Album of the Year" at the Texas Music Awards 2011. Well, this project is going to be better and funkier with a lot of heart and soul. We also have a great Howling' Dog Team led by Teri McCartney & Jana Pochop. They will be doing all the follow-up with radio stations, set up in-stores, social media blasts & general promotion - something I never had with Gypsy.

We have a lot of incentives if you donate: from downloads and CDs to house concerts and everything in between. You can get to the link that explains everything HERE

So please help us out, share this with your friends and on your Facebook Pages. This is all new to me and I'm excited to get the CD out soon. This is so new, we don't even have a title yet...

GO HERE and I'll see you there!

Many thanks in advance, Bob.

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